• Apply by phone: 1-800-JADE-546
  • Apply by phone: 1-800-JADE-546

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Q1 How does it work?

Jade Funding works with qualified lenders to provide cash advance services for businesses in exchange for a small percentage of future credit card receivables. We have strong relationships with several established financial institutions, which allows us to offer a host of financial solutions to small businesses. Our application process is remarkably fast, simple and convenient.

Q2 Will I qualify?

We have a high approval rate – about 80% of all applicants qualify for services. Assuming you meet all baseline requirements, it's possible to be approved immediately over the phone.

Q3 Are there restrictions on how I use the cash advance?

No. You can use the funding for any business purpose.

Q4How much funding could I qualify for?

We calculate your cash advance based on your monthly receivables. For example, a business with $10,000 in receivables each month might qualify for up to $20,000 of working capital. You can get a free, no-obligation quote within 24 hours by filling out the online application today

Q5 What is the application fee?

The Jade Funding application costs nothing, nor are there any fees charged for credit reports or other associated costs.

Q6 How much does a cash advance cost?

The amount and cost of a cash advance depends upon several factors, including business size, industry and sales volume, among other things. Regardless of cost, the cash advance is repaid by diverting a small percentage of incoming credit card receivables.

Q7 When will I receive my cash advance?

Typically, businesses receive a cash advance within 3 days of approval, but 24-hour funding is available for truly urgent needs.

Q8 Are there early repayment advantages – or penalties?

Jade Funding does not make loans, so there is no prepayment penalties, no fixed payment schedule, no maturity dates and no monthly minimum payments. Business owners can pay back the cash advance any time simply by paying the remaining balance.

Q9 How do Jade Funding rates compare to my credit card processor?

Our rates are absolutely competitive with the card processing industry.

Q10 What about bad credit?

We look at several variables when making an application decision; unlike bank loans, good or excellent credit is not necessary to qualify for a cash advance.

Q11 Will I have access to my account activity?

Friendly, professional customer service reps are available during normal business owners to answer any and all account-related questions or concerns.

Q12 What if I have an outstanding loan already?

Jade Funding is in the business of helping businesses succeed. Paying off an existing loan is just one of countless potential uses for a cash advance.

Q13 Does Jade Funding require a personal guarantee?

No. Nor do we ask for collateral or a lien, as many traditional funding sources usually do.



Small business owners know firsthand the difficulty of qualifying for a business loan. On the one hand, applying for a loan involves reams of paperwork and dismal approval rates.

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