• Apply by phone: 1-800-JADE-546
  • Apply by phone: 1-800-JADE-546

Small Business Loans, Personal Loans and Cash Advances in Maryland

  • Apply by Phone: 1-800-JADE-546
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Small business loans and cash advances in Maryland from JadeFunding.com

Qualifying for small business loans and cash advances in Maryland can be tough – and getting turned down can be a serious roadblock to growth. Enter Jade Funding, the nontraditional funding source that makes affordable cash advances, and loans, available to businesses that may not have perfect credit.. Jade Funding does away with the hassle of endless paperwork, fixed monthly payments and annoying restriction on how your money is used.

Working capital is needed for many businesses to grow.

Small business owners know first hand the difficulty of qualifying for a business loan. On the one hand, applying for a loan involves reams of paperwork and dismal approval rates. Even when approved, managing the funds can be a job in itself. Many lenders require a personal guarantee of security and place restrictions on how funds can be used, all while requiring fixed monthly payments.

How are our Loans and Cash Advances different?

Jade Funding offers an alternative – a simple process to quickly and efficiently get you the funds your business needs. Weather through a small business loan or cash advance we boast a high approval rate, flexible, sales-based repayment terms, and unlike traditional lenders, we work with all credit scores.

So instead of scouring financial institutions in Maryland, consider filling out a free, no-obligation application with Jade Funding. It only takes a few minutes, and we can connect qualified business owners with the funds they need in just a few short days.

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The Jade Funding Promise:

1 No Hassles, No Obligations, No Application Fee

4 No Effect on Credit Score

7 No Restrictions on Use of Funds

2 No Liens

5 No Collateral

8 No Coupons or Checks to Write

3 No Points

6 No Fixed Payment Schedule

9 No Impact on Qualification for Other Financing

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